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“I attended an event during the Christmas Season and Susan and Lyneia’s Team made everything look effortless. And that particular party was well-received and very much enjoyed. When a month later, I was tasked with putting on a party for approximately 300+ persons, I naturally sought out Socially Significant Events to help make our event fantastic.

I have to say, I’m a really tough customer, and have some strangely high standards about how things should be done. Especially if it is anything associated with my employer . . . I never want them to have a black eye over something I did.

Well, long story short, Susan and Lyneia were unflappable; they addressed each of our concerns in a short time line and helped us put on a terrific, well-attended event. Because they were there, each of our staff was able to visit and enjoy the evening and actually mingle with our guests. Having the ability to visit with our guests and not worry about the ongoing party details made the event a much more meaningful evening to all of us. Almost three weeks later, I was on a business trip in Austin at a large-group breakfast. One of the party attendees was seated next to me and exclaimed how much fun he had at the event with everyone mingling and visiting and how lovely everything was. Such nice feedback!

If you need someone to make you feel secure that they are going to hear your needs, put all that in writing, and then deliver (or exceed) on your expectations, go ahead and call Socially Significant Events. They’ll be standing by at the ready.And, for those of you reading this, I did not know these two ladies prior to meeting them at the other party. But I was impressed then and I remain impressed.”

Jonna S

“ Lyneia and Susan are wonderful to work with. Hope to continue doing so in the future! Thank you !! ”

Flores N

“ I am so excited for my dear Friend Lyneia and her friend Susan! They will do an Amazing job for whatever occasion you need done! Everything with Class and Elegance !!! ”

Debbie M

“Lyneia and Susan are blessed with talent and class. So next time you are planning an event sit back and relax and let them do it for you. You won’t regret it. Your special occasion will be the talk of the town.”

Kim R

“They did an awesome job for our employee party. We gave them a few items we wanted and she figured-out everything else. They did a creative job with decorations. Chased relentlessly for the best vendor pricing on tents, tables and other rental items. Lyneia monitored all vendors (even a couple we hired separately) to ensure they performed as promised. Truly a class act ! We would definitely use Socially Significant Events again!”

Pat & Debbie S

“ If ever the occasion arises that a social event is on your horizon, these two girls know Midland and will create the event you envision. With researching all the best venues, the best rates and most enjoyable food and staffs in town, your job is made easy. Dependable, trustworthy and clear communicators, an overwhelming task has been made fun with the help of Susan and Lyneia. ”

Degen F